Healing Touch Sessions

Healing Touch is based on a heart-centered, caring relationship in which you and I will join in partnership energetically to facilitate your health and healing.  Since energy is not limited to time and space, this includes being able to give you a Healing Touch session long distance.

Research suggests that Healing Touch greatly benefits those who receive it.

Healing Touch reduces pain and anxiety, relieves stress and depression, provides support during chemotherapy, strengthens the immune system, creates a sense of well-being, reduces effects of trauma and chronic pain, enhances recovery from surgery, deepens spiritual connection and supports the dying process.

Whether I see you in person or we talk on the phone, the initial appointment is 90 minutes and begins with a 20-30 minute intake, which helps me better understand your needs during the Healing Touch session.

My first priority is creating sacred safe space for you to be exactly who you are and to be able to ask for what you need.

Once we have established the desired goals for the session, you will lie on my treatment table and I will do an energy assessment using my hands and a pendulum.  I will be assessing your energy field by feeling for variances in temperature, vibrations, density, etc. This helps me determine which of the Healing Touch techniques will be most appropriate. You remain fully clothed (except for your shoes) during the session.

If I am giving you a distance session, we will begin with a phone call to conduct the Intake Interview and establish our goals for the session.  I will connect intuitively with your energy and then conduct a session much like I would if you were here with me.

I will use my hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.   I will clear, balance and energize your energy body by making sweeping motions over your body and at other times using light touch.  The intention is always to restore harmony and balance to your energy system, placing you in a position to self-heal.

If I am conducting a distance session, during the last 10/15 minutes of the session, I will call to share the intuitive information with you.

A feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of well-being are typical responses from clients receiving Healing Touch.

Are you curious what Healing Touch can do for you?  Is it time to find out?  For a limited time you can receive a $10 discount on your initial appointment. Normally $85, through this internet special you will receive this initial appointment for only $75.  Simply go to the contact page to request  your initial appointment or call me directly at 970-222-8146 and mention the internet special.

Standard Rates

Initial AppointmenIn Person or Distance– 90 minute appointment (includes an intake interview and a full Healing Touch treatment) – $85

$75 for children, full-time students, seniors (65 and over)

Subsequent Appointments In Person or Distance– 60 minute appointment – $75 per session

$65 for children, full-time students, seniors

Animal Healing Touch In Person or Distance– Initial Appointment $75  Subsequent Appointments – $65

Home or Hospital/Hospice Visits – $105 for initial appointment (includes an intake interview and a full Healing Touch treatment) and $95 for subsequent appointments (within 30-minute commute of my office; additional fee if longer commute)

Package Pricing – (For Sessions at my office).

All Packages EXCLUDE initial visit.

Purchase 5 visits/save 5% = $71.25 per visit/$356.25 total/ savings of $18.75

Purchase 10 visits/save 10% = $67.50 per visit/$675 total/savings of $75

Purchase 15 visits/save 15% = $63.75 per visit/$956.25/savings of $168.75

The packages may be shared within an immediate family in any way that best suits your needs.  This is a great way to invest in your health.

Payment is requested at time of service.  Packages must be paid in full at time of first visit.