“I AM ENOUGH” is one of my favorite affirmations.  As I am working on expanding my practice and my classes, working with Steve on meditation CDs, working to promote our music, learning to market, learning to make videos, and making sure I still have quality friend and family time, I can feel VERY overwhelmed.

I have learned that when I take a 1 minute “I AM ENOUGH” break, slow my breathing, focus on all that is right with me,  I remember it doesn’t all have to be done today or done perfectly, and I return to the place of joy that I want to be when learning/sharing/growing.  I know it sounds like a cliche, but I never want to be so busy that I miss the beauty that I am given every day.

I am choosing to do overwhlem differently this year – and that is where “I AM ENOUGH” comes in.  Any time I start to feel overwhelmed, less than, or really wound up, I am taking an “I AM ENOUGH” break and staying with it until I am back to center and my own true essence comes out and blesses me.  Then I can be a blessing to others.