Music for Healing Touch

Music is a tool that is often used by Healing Touch Practitioners and other energy workers, and can be a key component to a prolonged healing experience.  The use of sound as a healing force dates back thousands of years.  Research has shown the profound effect of music on reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, creating deep relaxation and inducing peaceful sleep.  In other words, when music speaks to us, the body listens.  Don Campell’s book, The Mozart Effect, Tapping the Power of music to Health the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and unlock the Creative Spirit, shows how modern science has begun to confirm this ancient wisdom, with evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve the quality of life in almost every aspect.

Music is played by most practitioners during a session.  Choosing long, slow, melodic pieces without words invites the client to float away on the music, which can help create a more relaxed body, so the energy work can go deeper with less effort. I use Steve Skudler’s original music which can be found at

This same music can be used to extend the benefits gained from the session.  Providing you (the client) the same music to use between sessions can act as a stimulus to help your body remember the healing experienced during the session.  According to Ted Andrews in his book Sacred Sounds, Magic & Healing Through Words & Music, “The more we are exposed to beneficial sounds, the greater and more permanent the effect they have upon our own individual energies.”

Hearing the same music can recreate the essence of the healing session, the mood, the feeling and the reflective place within.

A perfect self-care tool for you, as the client, is to purchase the same music to use between sessions.  You will be amazed at how your body will remember the relaxation response that took place during the session.